Judge Orders VeriSign To Stop Marketing Campaign

From Newsbytes: Internet domain naming giant VeriSign [NASDAQ:VRSN] on Tuesday was ordered to halt a direct-mail campaign one day after BulkRegister filed a lawsuit against its No. 1 rival seeking to stop the mailing.
BulkRegister alleged that VeriSign’s “Domain Name Expiration Notice” direct-marketing campaign is deceptive. (get the full story)
My spin: Domain name registration is a very competitive business – you can get a domain name for free up to the $35 that Verisign charges. I paid $9 or so for my last domain from Godaddy.com. The key is to careful keep track of your domain name, when it expires, make sure you pay and read VERY CAREFULLY any notices you get. The market is hot and companies, it looks like, will do anything to get your business. By hook or by crook!