RealNames’ final keyword: Gone

CNet is reporting: Internet keyword company RealNames said Monday that it has decided to close shop because Microsoft wouldn’t renew its contract with the company.
My spin: I feel so bad for PR people sometimes as they represent companies that have at first glance interesting ideas but at “long glance” are really dumb, not useful or eventually will crash and burn.
I never “registered” a name with Real Names and didn’t advise others to do so either. The concept, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now, was cute and interesting, but not worth whatever Real Names was charging.
This is a complex issue, but when I’m looking for information….I use a search engine like Yahoo or Google (maybe even ask.dom) of course I also go “close” to where the answer may be…car information I might go to “” and see what they’ve got up or etc.
Real Names, it sounded real nice, but all it was about was fake names…no real names!