RIM / Blackberry competition heats up

ZD NetGood Technology detailed its upcoming wireless products, confirming earlier reports that the communications services start-up is working on software and hardware that will allow wireless transmission of e-mail messages.
My spin: If you love your 2-way pager – or are considering one, you’ve got 2 brands to choose from RIM’s or Motorolla’s. Now another company is entering the market – Good Technology.
What’s the differentiating factor? From ZDNet: “Good Technology Chief Executive Danny Shader said that the key advantage of Good Technology’s products is that they don’t need to be placed in a cradle to be synchronized. Instead, devices using Good Technology products are synchronized wirelessly.”
However, can’t RIM and others enable wireless synching via some software changes? Doesn’t FusionOne offer this already…..! What’s the big deal here? I’m just glad there’s even more competition – this will be better for consumers