What do Mobile experts think about Handspring discontinuing it’s Springboard Modules

New York City Digital Assistant Users’ Group / NYCDAUG Members
Christopher Bailey:
I usually lurk on the NYCDAUG Palm list, but this subject hits home to me, a loyal HS Visor user (now running Edge with Sprint Digital Link): I wasn’t aware that this was fact (neither visorcentral.com not handspring.com have any official word on the subject).
Frankly, I would prefer (and would be willing to pay for) a software based solution over a hardware based solution, but the fact of the matter is NOT everything can be remedied by a software solution and the hardware expansion was made a) Handspring unique and b) my reason for getting my first PDA.
Peter M. Fine, President, New York City Digital Assistant Users’ Group (NYCDAUG)
Although it is unfortunate for those end users heavily vested in the modules, it is both the nature of the beast when it comes to technology that standards change and evolve. Personally I thought it was inevitable as the modules were too proprietary and not adopted by any other vendor outside of HandSpring.

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