ZyWeb enables Businesses to create a complete Web Site in seconds!

Here’s a clip from ZyWeb’s press release, but don’t forget to check out “my spin”:
ZyWeb today launched a world first, revolutionary, full Web Site Creator that enables any small business to instantly create a professionally designed multi page web site with a single click of the mouse button. The user simply has to add their text and company logo to have a fully functional and informative web site. No technical or design skills are needed.
Until now existing web page creation tools only enable the user to create individual pages that are then linked together to create the entire web site. The ZyWeb Business Site Creator is launched with a range of site styles, from a simple business site to an elaborate e-shop, each design incorporating and linking all the pages needed for a complete business web site.
My spin: I wish ZyWeb all the best, but “creating a complete Web Site in seconds” doesn’t sound like something I would want. A GOOD and COMPLETE web site should not be done in seconds but should take some time to create. At the very least a few hours. Not necessarily because creating web sites are difficult but because a web site is not something one should just “throw up” on the wall to see what sticks. I’m sure ZyWeb created Web sites look nice, but does every business want a simple cookie cutter Web site. If ZyWeb is not at least asking users to critically think about their customers, their partners and how a Web site can enhance those relationships, I’m not sure if ZyWeb’s solution or any other “build a web site in seconds” solution should be used for a serious business calss web site.