ZyWeb Launches a revolutionary Multi-Page Web Site Creator

(I’m not so sure about the revolutionary bit….however)
Exeter, UK and San Francisco, USA – ZyWeb today launched a new Web Site creator that enables any small business to instantly create a professionally designed multi page web site with a single click of the mouse button. Until now all existing web page creation tools only enable the user to create individual pages that are then linked together to create the entire web site. This new unique concept in web page creation is available within the ZyWeb Business builder.
My spin: While I do like ZyWeb I think they need to tone down their press release a bit…revolutionary is a bit much and I think they’re plaing with symantecs. I use FrontPage, for smallbiztechnology.com (some pages are custom made). But does it matter if I create 5 pages at the same time, still having to go to each page to edit the text (as with ZyWeb) or do them one at a time, but still template driven? Same difference to me – what do you think?