apps4biz Announces Turnkey Version of Its Business Applications for Small Manufacturers With One to Three Users

Integration With Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting Included for Free Through June
ANDOVER, MA. – June 7, 2002 – apps4bizÆ, a global provider of Internet-centric business applications to small manufacturers, today announced a complete hardware/software turnkey version of its apps4biz family of business software applications that is ready to be used “out of the box.”
The new pre-configured version is specifically designed for organizations with between one to three users that want an extremely affordable solution that can be used immediately without technical assistance.
The turnkey version of the apps4biz suite includes General apps4biz and Manufacturing apps4biz, encompassing functionality in the areas of manufacturing, sales order management, inventory management, purchasing management and supply chain management. The software is pre-loaded on a Dell Dimension 4400 multi-user system, complete with mouse, keyboard, CD-RW drive and 15″ color monitor. The system is backed up by a two-year warranty with on-site repair and a UPS power backup system. apps4biz will also provide remote diagnostic services for those companies wishing to take advantage of this service.
“We’ve figured out a way so that even the smallest manufacturer can deploy our software with minimal cost and effort,” said Peter Lopes, vice president of sales and marketing for apps4biz. “apps4biz will configure the entire solution for customers and deliver it to their site ready to use immediately with no additional setup required other than to enter their data — and we can help with that too. Finally, our free (through June) financial integration tool enables customers to share information with their Quickbooks or Peachtree Financial systems seamlessly.”
The apps4biz software is designed to provide instant answers to the following critical business questions, and more:
∑ Did we really make money on that last order?
∑ Can we generate a custom management report in seconds, not hours or days?
∑ Are we able to access real-time information on the current status of our business?
∑ Do we have the ability to make a delivery promise we can keep?
∑ What do we need to purchase and when?
My spin:I like this….technology is NOT just for service industries.