Business Server Slugfest: IBM vs. Dell
NewsFactor: IBM ( NYSE: IBM – news) has proclaimed that it is going after Dell ( Nasdaq: DELL – news) in the mainstream server market, and the company introduced two new servers this week that it claims are cheaper and better than Dell products.
IBM said it is targeting the “sweet spot of Dell’s server lineup”: the two-way Intel ( Nasdaq: INTC – news) server segment. “Two-way” refers to the number of processors the server sports.
Dell, which sells directly to consumers, disputed IBM’s claims that its servers are cheaper and suggested that because IBM’s new products will not ship until late June, plenty of time remains to adjust prices. (full story)
My spin: IBM has indeed said they are NOT going to be compteting on price against Dell but I guess there’s always a frist and now they are going to compete head to head with DELL…in this particular server space.
PC Migration
WSJ: Walter Mossberg reviews a few products and picks Alohabob as the best choice for consumers (full story – subscription necessary)
Helping Businesses Evaluate Their Internet Presence
NY Times: Web sites, like cars, all run on the same kinds of engines. So why is it that customers equate some companies’ Internet vehicles with sports cars and others with jalopies?
To ensure that their Web sites are conveying the intended image, a growing list of businesses, including Avis Rent A Car System, McDonald’s, Staples and Holiday Inn, are turning to companies that test usability and brand opinion for help. These companies conduct surveys and focus groups and even use high-technology eye-tracking devices to uncover how customers use a Web site and how their experiences affect feelings about the parent company. (full story)
My spin: Usability testing of a Web site is important. I wonder are there companies that do this at lower rates for smaller companies and not just the large fortune 500 and 100 companies of the world?
NY Times: Blogging – only for the elite?
It is one of the enduring cycles of the Internet: the techies build a utopia and then complain when noisy crowds crash their party.
This time it is happening to Weblogs. Five years ago a few programmers pioneered this form of hyperlinked online journal, posting their thoughts on technology matters and personal musings. Later they built Weblog publishing tools for nontechies, and a vast spectrum of Weblogs – blogs for short – quietly bloomed.
(full story)
My spin: I do this news section use’s tool!