Dell fortifies services unit with acquisition

CNet: Dell Computer announced Friday that it has acquired technology consulting and application-development company Plural.
My spin:DELL, DELL, DELL. It’s amazing how small the world is. I read about Plural in an Inc. Magazine 15 March 2000 article, when they had another name and were considering changing their name and their business focus. I also recall reading a regular column of Plural’s founder in Info World and can even remember when he wrote his last column for Info World to start Plural! It’s kind of neat to see how Dell has not bought them.
Of course the other exciting thing is regarding DELL. Dell is the KING of selling low cost and good computer systems. Then there’s rumors that they’ll start selling printers – more than just selling via a printing partner like HP. 10% of Dell’s revenues comes from services but now it looks like they’re going to expand that a lot more with their purchase of service provider Plural. Dell is making good money selling PC’s but MUCH HIGHER margins come from selling services.