Linking the Safety Chain

eWeek: At a time when security options are becoming increasingly fragmented with many vendors concentrating their resources on specific, sometimes-arcane pieces of technology, Symantec Corp. is betting that the old concept of an all-in-one vendor has some life left in it.
The company, best known for its Norton AntiVirus product, recently moved into other areas of security and is working to solidify a strategy that its executives call integrated security. The plan includes more than just offering a wide range of security products, encompassing security response, event monitoring, managed services and even consulting services. (full story)
My spin:I think an all in one vendor providing a comphrehensive suite of products is good – AS LONG as the vendor keeps the suite narrow – ie security – and does it well! But one vendor trying to do too much of something can lead to problems and poor service and product quality.
The other thing is that vendors can try to make all their money on support by offering tech support plans of like 15 minutes after you buy the product and charge $500 per hour for support calls!