Lockergnome Blasts PC Magazine

Chris Prillilo, Lockergnome (tech ezine for hi-tech nerds) blasted PC Magazine for a lame reviews section:
Software roundups are starting to get lame. I’m speaking directly to this month’s issue of PC Magazine. Specifically, portions of its 10th Annual Utility Guide. For the most part, they listed the “top” contenders in each category. I have no real argument against their recommendations on the whole. My true beef? None of them were all that new. I used to love picking up a magazine to learn about something I hadn’t heard about before. Partition Magic wins. Again? Norton AntiVirus wins. Again? Why were only the two most popular disk partitioning tools reviewed? Why were only the two most popular disk imaging tools reviewed? Why did they feature FTPx (a free client which hasn’t been updated for years) instead
of SmartFTP (a free client that was updated at the beginning of this month)? The System Tools and Tweaks section was (by far) the most interesting, although it was far from comprehensive. If only my hard drives were big enough. Then again, USB 2.0 / FireWire data storage devices are just now starting to come out in full force.

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