Net Telephony Poised to Take Off

CNet: Internet phone technology that dumps copper wires, circuit switches and phone jacks for all-digital systems has finally come of age, according to analysts.
The appeal of VoIP technology lies in cost savings that come from adding voice to the line that carries Internet access. But most companies already have a traditional voice and Internet structure in place, so it doesn’t make sense for them to transfer to the new technology.
Analysts say that the only thing holding back VoIP is the persistence of older networks in the United States–something that won’t hamper the technology overseas, where more antiquated systems are more likely to be upgraded.
My spin: VoIP is a technology that EVERY growing business should consider. If you are just now buying a new telecom system then really consider VoIP. You can save money but most importantly have enhanced features and flexibility that you simply do not have using a regular analog PBX system.