NetLedger enhances Yahoo! store FUNCTIONALITY with Oracle small business suite

San Mateo, CA., May 29, 2002 – NetLedger, Inc., which powers the Oracle“ Small Business Suite, today announced the enhanced integration of Yahoo!Æ Store () with the Oracle Small Business Suite. Yahoo! Store is a leading online store hosting service that has enabled more than 19,000 merchants and small business owners to establish an online presence and sell their products and services on the Web. The Oracle Small Business Suite integration allows small businesses to simplify their business processes through Yahoo! Store by streamlining order fulfillment, credit card processing, inventory management, and reporting.
My spin:I’m not to clear..but getting more information…on how this pans out. Oracle SBS offers an e-commerce option, so I don’t THINK Oracle SBS customers need Yahoo Stores so much. However, Yahoo Stores’ customers can now link their stores to Oracle SBS, offering them richer features and more options to go beyond just selling online.
I did a search for Yahoo on Oracle’s press release section bud didn’t find anything there (hmmm). However on Yahoo’s
site there is information on the relationship
As I get more, I’ll have it for you here.