URGENT: Virus infect picture files

I had thought that viruses only infect executable files like (.exe, bat,.com and others) and also of course Microsfot Word files and Outlook but never thought of viruses infecting graphic images….until now.
So you’ve been warned – be careful:
McAfee Security is reporting that a new virus called “Perrun” is the first ever to infect picture files, which, along with other data files, have long been considered safe from such threats. Researchers at McAfee received the virus from its creator and say it’s what’s called a proof-of-concept virus
and does not cause any damage. Up until now, viruses infected and were spread through program files; data files might be deleted or damaged, but Perrun is the first to infect them by inserting portions of the virus code into the picture file. When a.JPG picture is viewed, the virus installs a file on the victim’s hard drive that can infect other pictures. Because the original picture looks fine, the victim won’t know that anything’s amiss. (AP 13 Jun 2002)
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