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John T. Haller, CEO / Lead Web Developer, Rare Ideas, LLC had requested some insight about from our local NYY Company of Friends group and with his permission here’s a succint overview:
The overall opinion is quite positive. A few did mention it can get expensive when adding Campaigns modules and the like. It was also
mentioned that getting any reporting other than the builtin ones is quite difficult.
Other suggested alternatives: (Siebel)
Pivotal (They offer a hosted solution with Loudcloud, now EDS)
Niku (for professional services companies)
Interact (the Old Saleslogix/ACT solution on an outsourced basis)
At least one person mentioned being frustrated with the offerings available and having their internal developers write their own system.
One other alternative mentioned was It focuses on sales efficiency as well. John Orvos wanted a call if you were interested (212-625-0530) and would be willing to do a demo for you.