Copytalk Unveils New “Listen and Reply” Service for Email

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – July 15, 2002 – Copytalk, the leading provider of services that turn phones into tools for creating email and business information simply by speaking, today unveiled “Listen and Reply”, which lets subscribers listen to their email then reply by voice. Copytalk also announced a new low-cost yearly subscription and lower prices on existing plans.
Listen and Reply makes Copytalk(tm) the only service available today that enables subscribers to use any phone to:
* Get notification of new email by voice or text message
* Listen to email
* Send text replies or new text email simply by speaking
* Dictate appointments, contacts, to-dos and memos that are automatically placed into Microsoft Outlook(r), Outlook Express, ACT!(tm) or a Palm Powered(tm) handheld
Copytalk Listen and Reply works with email from Outlook’s Inbox or any POP3 email account. Notifications can be filtered by time or sender and also can be turned on and off from the phone. Unlike some other email by voice solutions, replies or new emails sent with Copytalk are text, not just voice files attached to an email.
My spin:Email via voice mail is not new, but I’ll be reviewing this new product from Copytalk soon. Email via voice mail could be a time saving and efficient solution, however I do see some potential problems a) can you imaging getting your daily deluge of ezines READ to you..of course I’m sure you could hit the “skip” button b) when replying to an email with a voice mail, audio file, remember that not ALL users have audio enabled on their PCs. MANY do, but not all

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