CRN: Lately, some SMB solution providers are getting the sense that someone wants them out of the way.

As the economy continues to stumble and enterprises hoard their IT investment dollars, large solution providers and high-tech vendors are turning their attention to the SMB space, where more companies have been moving ahead with technology projects. The problem: That market has traditionally been the province of smaller VARs and consulting firms, which are now feeling the competitive squeeze. (full story)
My spin:If you’re a small business person and you’re being pitched by a large IT firm…don’t go so fast. The smaller IT firms often can give you more personal service and a sense that they REALLY want your businesses and therefore will most likely take very good care of you. Larger IT firms, although they might be equally good – may not treat you as well. In addition, as this Computer Reseller News article mentions, when “the economy” gets better the larger IT firms may push you asid to go back to larger budgeted customers.