A ‘Mouse’ for Organizers Makes the Stylus Dispensable
NY Times: Targus has created the PDA Mouse, a stick-on that covers the graffiti writing area of a Palm-based organizer (full story)
My spin: The stylus and Graffiti can be a pain, but I’m not so sure if this is a solution.
Xerox Accuses Lab of Libel Over Outcome of Research
WSJ.com – In an odd case in the annals of researchers for hire, Xerox Corp. has sued a small New Jersey testing lab for alleged libel — after the testing lab sought to distance itself from what it said were incorrect Xerox claims about the results of a test it was paid by Xerox to perform.
The lawsuit, filed this month in U.S. District Court in Rochester, N.Y., alleges Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories Inc. engaged in a campaign to smear Xerox’s name with customers and competitors. But the research firm’s chief executive, Carmel Rowley, says her lab was seeking only to stop Xerox from misrepresenting the results. (full story – with paid subscription)
My spin:I’ll be following this story – VERY closely as often these tests/data/claims play heavy in one’s decision on which printer to buy or NOT buy.
Microsoft jumps into CRM market
CNET: MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Microsoft tossed its hat into the growing customer relationship management ring when it previewed its first CRM product here Thursday.
Due for release by the year’s end, Microsoft Customer Relationship Management has two modules: one for sales people and the other for customer service representatives.
The software maker’s CRM is tailored for companies with between 50 to 500 employees. Microsoft said it’s looking to compete with FrontRange Solutions’ GoldMine, Interact Commerce’s Sales Logix, and products from SalesForce.com and Upshot.com.
An Upshot representative said his company’s own model is more economical because it includes maintenance, hardware and implementation costs, whereas Microsoft does not.
Microsoft executives insist they do not intend to compete with software partners such as Onyx Software, Pivotal and Siebel Systems. The company’s Great Plains division has a reseller agreement with Siebel.
But Microsoft’s forthcoming entry into the CRM market has many people talking. An aggressive competitor, Microsoft can quickly move from friend to foe of its technology partners, analysts have noted. (full story)
(also on WSJ.com – subscription required)
My spin:Well you’ve heard it for months now, that Microsoft would be launching a CRM package…today it was unveiled. Keep watching this space and Small Business Technology Report for more info as it comes along
Getting rid of DSL service is not so easy
WSJ: If you think it’s hard to get a DSL or phone line installed, just try cutting it off.
As troubled telecom companies rush out new services, millions of consumers are switching providers in search of a better monthly rate or faster connections. But often, they can’t get the bills from their old carrier to stop showing up in the mail. (full story – subscription required)