New FileMaker Pro 6 delivers digital-image capture & import;and integrated XML support for universal data exchange

Filemaker Pro continues to get better and better…
SANTA CLARA, CA – July 9, 2002 – Today FileMaker announced its new FileMaker Pro 6 database software, featuring easier-than-ever templates and tools, and a virtually limitless ability to gather, manage and share information.
New in FileMaker Pro 6 is the ability to easily import large numbers of images from a folder into a database, and, on Mac OS X only, capture digital images and image-data directly from cameras. Simplifying the steps to add images extends the FileMaker lead in managing multimedia, and enables even more creative databases.
With integrated XML (Extensible Markup Language) import and export, FileMaker Pro 6 will deliver the benefits of virtually limitless information exchange. The widespread support of XML standards means FileMaker can integrate and exchange data with many applications, without complex, costly converting of data between proprietary formats.
FileMaker Pro 6 users can, for example, retrieve data from XML-enabled Web applications, import accounting data from QuickBooks, or query corporate databases without using ODBC drivers. With XML export, FileMaker Pro 6 users can share information with users of other applications; for example, exporting formatted FileMaker data in an email or into Microsoft Excel, or document-authoring applications.