Dell Increases its Commitment to WordPerfectÆ Office Tools

Dell DimensionÆ and Inspiron Users to Benefit from the Power, Precision, & Control Provided by Corel’s Award-Winning Business Productivity Software
Ottawa, Canada – August 21, 2002 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSX: COR) today announced that WordPerfectÆ 10 and Quattro ProÆ 10 will be included, as part of the WordPerfectÆ Productivity Pack, on selected models of Dell DimensionÆ and Dell Inspiron computer product lines.
“With these bundling initiatives, Dell is expanding its commitment to our WordPerfect Office tools and putting the power of Corel’s award-winning productivity solutions in the hands of more than one million new customers,” said Steve Houck, executive vice-president of strategic relations at Corel Corporation.
WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 will be pre-loaded on the recently-announced Dimension 2300 desktops and on the Inspiron 2600 notebook computer systems starting in September. These systems will be available across North America.
WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 are also currently available on the SmartStep 200N and 250N notebook computers from Dell.
My spin:Corel has now snagged Dell and HP (amongst) others as distribution points for Word Perfect. Of course this is not even a fly of annoyance for Microsoft, but it more so shows that Corel’s Word Perfect is still a software to contend with.