IBM’s new X30 – what a beauty

Today IBM announced the launch of its latest Thinkpad – the IBM X30. You can read the full details yourself here, but some major high-lights are:
a) it can last from 4 – 5 hours on its standard batter
b) you can buy an optional battery pack that works in conjunction with the standard batter to push battery life to 8 hours
According to IBM, “The patented power-saving techniques intelligently manage the power consumption between the two batteries, and analyze how much power is needed to perform a specific task in a specific environment. The system then reduces the power to each of the major subsystems appropriately. The power management technologies were developed as part of IBM’s company-wide initiative to address the energy needs of computing.”
When I think of a quality notebook, I think of an IBM Thinkpad. Lately though I’ve been looking at Toshibe Portege’s too (but that’s another story)