Microsoft Is Set to Steamroll CRM Space

eWeek: To no one’s surprise, Microsoft is getting into the CRM space. Many may find it amusing that Microsoft is even thinking of offering customer relationship management software, since “customer relationship” and “Microsoft” rarely evoke positive responses when included in the same sentence (full story)
My spin:eWeek’s John Taschek just may be right. HOWEVER, I think the CRM space has enough maturing and mature players that Microsoft is not going to “own” this space as it does the desktop OS or applications. Remember, when MS put out Word and Windows there was not much else to choose from – Wordperfect vs Word…but not much else as far as competition from a company with any substantial marketing clout. In the CRM space, although MS has Great Plains to help market and develop its products, there’s so many others vendors with sizeable customer bases that I don’t see MS “steamrolling” the CRM space.
But what do you think