Archive of September 2002

Is Seibel giving CRM a black eye?

ZDNet: Do you need more proof that vendors should be held to their ROI promises before you part with your cash? Take a look at the imploding CRM market, where nearly half of all CRM projects fail to meet their objectives. At least part of that black eye rests on the shoulders of Siebel Systems, […]

Consumers See Deals in Internet Calling

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Telephone calling via the Internet has come a long way from the days fives year ago of crackling walkie-talkie conversations, and U.S. consumers now have a range of choices that trade higher quality for cost. A variety of battle-hardened start-ups have staked out lucrative niches in U.S. domestic and overseas calling […]

AccPac’s Midmarket Mission

VarBusiness magazine (Sep 30, 2002) gives a profile of how AccPac is growing – it’s added new products, including e-CRM and is working with its partners even more by giving them more support and guidance to its more then 1,200 VARs and solution providers.


While I applaud the launch of another tech magazine…especially one targeted to African Americans, I wonder what the real value of this magazine is that other magazines are not addressing. Some of the content of the magazine will be… Black Tech Magazine provides in-depth coverage on the strategy, acquisition and implementation of cutting edge technologies, […]

How Much Computing Power Does It Really Take?

It seems that every time chipmakers improve the clock speed and performance of microprocessors, analysts say those new chips pack more power than the typical user needs. In their view, two- or three-year-old computers can run office productivity applications and can access the Web as rapidly as a user’s Internet connection permits. For example, IDC […]

Keys to the CRM Kingdom

News Factor: SSuddenly, mid-tier companies are finding themselves the darlings of the CRM industry. With a projected 20 percent growth rate ñ- once the economy picks up, that is ñ- it is no wonder. Enterprise vendors from SAP (NYSE: SAP) to J.D. Edwards (Nasdaq: JDEC) are angling to tap these companies the moment they are […]

Electronics Unplugged: Bluetooth Technology Becoming Reality in Cellphones, Printers, PDAs, Headsets News Factor: That rat’s nest of cables crammed behind your computer was supposed to be a thing of the past by now. For several years, industry pundits have predicted salvation would arrive via Bluetooth, a cheap radio technology that lets cell phones, notebooks and […]

PalmSource, Good Technology team up

Palm’s software group and start-up Good Technology are teaming to take on Research In Motion and attract more interest from large businesses. Palm announced on its Web site late Wednesday that PalmSource will work with Good Technology to bring Good’s wireless synchronization software, called GoodLink, to the Palm operating system. Good’s software lets customers wirelessly […]