While I applaud the launch of another tech magazine…especially one targeted to African Americans, I wonder what the real value of this magazine is that other magazines are not addressing. Some of the content of the magazine will be…
Black Tech Magazine provides in-depth coverage on the strategy, acquisition and implementation of cutting edge technologies,
The publication will embrace eBusiness, eMarketing, digital security, and business productivity software as some of the HOT topics covered monthly
key to the magazine’s unique approach is tackling technology issues in a straightforward, non-technical format that is easy to digest and utilize at all levels of business
These same goals could be attributed to any magazine.
While I wish publisher Kenny Kweku all the best in the launch of Black Tech Magazine, I do hope that advertisers also see the added value of his magazine. Smart Business Magazine, Home Office Computing, and Small Business Computing magazines have all folded…and they targetted a broad audience – including black owned business owners.
Launching a magazine is a tough business…