Checking multiple email accounts…including AOL, Hotmail and etc…!

NY Times: EPrompter ( now dominates the relatively obscure category of e-mail notification software, which appeals to those who love to check as well as those who hate to. It has been downloaded a half-million times from Cnet’s, a clearinghouse for downloadable software programs.
EPrompter lets a user check up to 16 e-mail accounts ó including AOL, the widely used POP3 accounts and Web-based free accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo ó with just one click. It got a lift in recent months as Hotmail and Yahoo imposed annual fees ($19.95 and $29.99, respectively) for certain services, including e-mail forwarding. In other words, users who want to maintain free accounts will have to do plenty of clicking. (full story)
My spin:For all of you with multiple email accounts…this may be very useful for you