Forbes: Microsoft Is Plain Crazy

Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard writes about the morphing of Great Plains into Microsoft Business Solutions.
Here’s a prediction: sometime later in the decade a series of deadly missiles will hit Oracle, SAP and other global enterprise-software giants. It will surface in due course that the missiles were launched from little Fargo, N.D. by order of Doug Burgum, a guy with a lion’s mane of hair who favors Nike shirts, cargo shorts and water sandals for office attire. More on this Burgum fellow later.
Currently, Oracle (nasdaq: ORCL – news – people ) and SAP (nyse: SAP – news – people ) are all right. Along with Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people ) and IBM (nyse: IBM – news – people ), both will survive the tech bust and the consolidation crunch yet to come. Their five-year prognosis is sunny. CIOs–at least, every CIO I talk to–are under orders from their CEOs to shrink the software vendor list. In this winnowing, Oracle and SAP will emerge winners. (full story)