Free Software, at Least to a Certain Point

NY Times: After the Microsoft jokes, after the speaker’s disquisition on the moral imperative of free software, after the salad, steak and chocolate raspberry pie, the benefit dinner for the Free Software Foundation in Manhattan finally came down to business last Thursday.
It seems the foundation, whose purpose is to persuade people to donate their software code to the greater good, needs money. The paradox was not lost on some diners, who questioned what “free” actually meant in such contexts. (full story)
My spin: Something’s really fishy about this aspect of “free” – ok, so companies are FREE to tinker with the software but MAY have to buy it for thousands. This is really not that much different from what companies are complaining about Microsoft. People complain that Microsoft’s software is too expensives – which it is. HOWEVER, if the “free” movement is going to start tinkering with the word free – then they need to spend some money on a full page adv to Microsoft. FREE is FREE is FREE