IBM will use more Linux…(less Windows)

NY Times: I.B.M. and the software company Red Hat plan to announce a multiyear alliance today to greatly expand the range of I.B.M. computers and software products that run on the Linux operating software distributed by Red Hat.
I.B.M. and Red Hat, the leader among the start-ups trying to profit from packaging and supporting the free Linux operating system, also agreed to jointly sell their products and support services to big business customers deploying Linux systems. (full story)
My spin: Microsoft is not running SCARED of Linux but I would bet is nervous – at best. For the past two decades or so, Microsoft has made millions and millions selling its software products – for business and consumer use.
The two components of Microsoft’s software platform are its operating systems, for desktop computers and server operating systems for servers. Microsoft’s operating system software is expensive – especially compared to the free Linux software, which can be used for servers and desktop/notebook computers also.
As more and more businesses begin to use Linux, Microsoft is going to have to fight all the more harder to retain its hold on the Windows operating system market.
IBM increasing its use of Linux speaks volumes.