New and upated Quickbase – better than ever

On Monday, Intuit launches its latest version of its database product Quickbase.
The new version, geared towards corporate workgroups and small business users offers teams two new features:
A Sales Manager Application, enabled sales teams to better track, forecast and manage their entire sales process.
In addition, Quickbase now includes an easy to use chart creation tool so that teams can not only see their data represented in a database format but also in easy to read pie, graph or line charts.
Intuit has also improved Quickbase’s file sharing capabilities and enables users to “reserve” documents to prevent others from editing them while the documents are being worked on.
While Quickbase’s Corporate Workgroup edition used to cost $500 it now costs $249. This reduced price does come with a reduced number of databases, storage and number of users but those users needing more power can upgrade various components of Quickbase as needed.
I’ve personally used Quickbase for one major application for my Church and plan to use it again on other projects. It’s easy to use and feature rich.