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Here’s most of an email I received from on their changes…
It is a very exciting time at Smarterwork. I believe there has never been a better time to use our services. Don’t just take my word for it, Microsoft bCentral recently advised its small business community to Outsource specialist work to “virtual” experts across the globe via Smarterwork. Get ahead of your competition and post your requirements today
We look forward to working with you, Milton Lewis (CEO Smarterwork)
We have a new Management team, with new ideas to help you achieve your aims, and ensure you have access to great talent either locally, nationally or internationally.
Smarterwork are pleased to announce that we have secured additional funding in order to improve our offering to you.
We have now launched our new site. The new site has been designed to ensure that you can not only find qualified Service Providers, but can communicate and transact with the minimum of fuss. Take a look today…
Our verification procedures for Service Providers have been improved. This means that you can have a higher level of trust when selecting and working with Smarterwork Service Providers. Post your Project Now
You can now search for Service Providers based on your needs. So if you need a Designer with ASP and HTML experience, just select option 2 from the Smarterwork home page. Or, if you are logged-in, choose the Find Service Providers link, and type Designer ASP HTML and you will see what providers match your search.
You told us that paying for projects up front is not the way you normally do business. We have listened to you and you can now negotiate a payment schedule directly with your chosen provider. This means that you can pay up front or at the end of a deliverable, in fact you can agree to make payments whenever you like!!. Post your Project Now
If you prefer to receive a monthly bill for the work you have commissioned via Smarterwork, please look out for news of the Smarterwork Payment Account. This feature will allow you to select and pay Service Providers up to your agreed spending limit. Smarterwork will then bill you at the end of each month. Find out More
— ABOUT Smarterwork
Smarterwork specialise in bringing clients and qualified Service Providers together to carry out short, medium or long term projects. Think of our Service Providers as members of your staff, except you do not pay them when you have nothing for them to do, or if they are on holiday or sick. Our providers also have their own facilities (Office,PC, Desk, Software etc) so you can make additional significant savings on your overheads if they are not required to work on site.
You should expect quality results at a cost between 70-100% of the market rate. Remember once your project is complete there are no more costs. If you decide to utilise the Service Provider again they will provide new quotes

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