Novell lambastes Microsoft pricing

CNet: The software maker blasts Microsoft’s software licensing plan and business practices, hoping to lure frustrated customers to its own products and services. (full story)
My spin: It’s good to see that SOMEONE is standing up to the little guy! Microsoft’s argument to switch to their new licensing plan – SOUNDS convincing but that’s about it. I think the new licensing plan is a cheap way for Microsoft to boost revenue.
The CNet article reads: In a full-page advertisement in The Wall Street Journal, Novell said that Microsoft’s licensing initiative “only benefits their bottom line–and not yours.” In a white paper linked to the advertisement, the company warned that Microsoft’s licensing plan locked customers into expensive upgrades.
The Provo, Utah-based software maker is embarking on an offensive against Microsoft after announcing a new pricing structure of its own earlier this month. Novell said the revamped prices would make it cheaper for large Web sites to use Novell’s software, such as applications for Web-based e-mail and authentication and login services.