Only the strongest AND smartest survive to release an exclusive health-tech report on the major and not so players in the small-medium sized business “CRM” space.
The Players: Who is strong and smart and who’s not.
Analyzing several key points
a) current base of customers
b) loyalty of customers
c) channel program
d) points of influence
e) breadth of offering(s)
f) brand strength
g) brand loyalty
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As Cellphone Options Grow, Sites Help Sort Them Out
NY Times: NAVIGATING the options when shopping for cellular service has always been a struggle, to say the least, but lately it seems to be reaching a new level. Turn on the television and you see ads for flashy new phones and new types of wireless plans, some with new and confusing terminology. Walk into a mall and you see pushcarts and booths selling a wide array of phones and plans just outside the full-size stores of the national carriers. (full story)
My spin: Just today, two people were asking for my advice in what cellular phone to buy – the choices are confusing but that’s the blessings of competition!
No Keys, Just Soft Light and You
IT may resemble a popular image from science fiction: high-tech control panels that appear to be little more than colored light. But Canesta, a Silicon Valley start-up company, says it is about to unveil a technology that will make such controls a reality.
Canesta says the technology generates a working keyboard made of light that can be embedded in a variety of mobile electronic devices, including personal organizers, cellphones and tablet PC’s. (full story)
My spin:A keyboard made of light…now that’s crazy but interesting. HOWEVER, for us touch typists – I wonder if it works all that well?
Pervasive Powers 12 of Top 20 Accounting Applications for the Small And Mid-Size Business Market; Mission-Critical Applications Rely on Pervasive.SQL
AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Pervasive Software(R) Inc.
a leading provider of embedded and Web database software that powers business-critical applications, today announced the true pervasiveness of the company’s database engine which powers hundreds of accounting applications from global independent software vendors constituting approximately 20% of Pervasive’s total annual revenues. Pervasive.SQL is embedded in 12 of the top 20 accounting software applications for small and mid-size enterprises, as named by Accounting Software Advisor. The site’s 2002 annual list ranks the top U.S. accounting applications based on the products’ proven capabilities and benefits, comprehensiveness of the solution and strength of the underlying technology. (full story)
Pacific Internet Solves Dial-Up Frustration for Users
UKIAH, Calif., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Pacific Internet, an Internet Service Provider, today announced a new partnership with Propel Software Corporation. As a Propel partner, Pacific Internet will now offer its subscribers Propel(R) Accelerator, the fastest dial-up accelerator on the Market. Recently awarded Editor’s Choice on CNET, and featured on ZDNet’s David Coursey column, Propel Accelerator speeds up the browsing experience by up to five times. (full story)
My spin: So I guess this is poor man’s DSL? 🙂
The CRM Hype Is Back
News Factor: After a quiet period, the CRM marketplace has returned to its previous state — basically, it is afloat in hype, according to Phil Fernandez, executive vice president of products at E.piphany. In particular, he chastises vendors that say their products are based on J2EE and.NET
standards… (full story)
My spin:Listen, what did GM (or was it Ford) do whent they wanted to boost their revenues…they thought and thought of something new, exciting and innovative and why came up with On Star (I think that’s the right name) and it’s doing pretty well from what I’ve read.
CRM is similar – “customer relationship management” in one form or another has been around for a LONG time. has spent millions to build better relationships with their customers – and its working!
Larger enterprises for decades, have been ba-zillions on similar software – online (Lands End type stuff) and off line (think of Sears and other large retailers)
Of course, Sales Force Automation (SFA) and contact management software, such as ACT! and GoldMine have also been around for years – not billed as CRM though.
NOW – however, companies in all shapes are sizes are morphing their products (or keeping them the same and just marketing them differently) to become “CRM” products.
Microsoft, not to be outdone and NOT blowing smoke or just renaming a product will be entering the fray and releasing their CRM product very soon – in direct competition with some and in peripherary competition with others…stay tuned.
Is Dell the Next Microsoft?
In a business traditionally built on partnerships and cooperation, Dell Computer seems bent on making more enemies than friends of late. Is Dell
taking a page from the Microsoft handbook — one that eventually will see it standing alone?… (full story)
Fighting Back: Dissatisfied Online Shoppers Take Action
Peeved consumers who claim online auction sites are unresponsive to fraud are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. These cyber vigilantes are filing more police reports, attempting more often to track down merchants on their own, and putting up more Web sites to warn others of merchants they say are unscrupulous… (full story)
CNet: Push technology came and went in the ’90s, but now is enjoying newfound
popularity as a way to receive information via mobile phones. Companies such as Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless are “pushing” news and sports scores to their customers in order to boost revenues, and by pre-selecting the data they want to receive, users can avoid the torture of typing in URLs on their handsets’ tiny keypads. “I didn’t want to use my fat fingers on that small keyboard,” says one push wireless e-mail fan. (full story)
New Palms to hit store shelves soon
Handheld maker Palm will release three newly designed devices in October, according to company CEO Todd Bradley (full story)
My spin: Palm has been accused of being to slow in releasing new products – HOWEVER, I hope Palm does not rush to release too many products too soon. It’s not too bad as long as Palm ensures as much backward compatitiblity, strong peripheral support for all their models and a clear marketing strategy to make it easy for customers to know what product is best for them.