Program Allows Consultants, Web Developers, Agencies and Solution Providers to Profit from Offering Email Marketing Related Services to Clients
WALTHAM, MA – September 16, 2002- Roving Software, the leading provider of Do-It-Yourself Email Marketingô tools and services, today announced significant enhancements to its Reseller Program for consultants, web developers, agencies and solution providers.
The program makes it easy for resellers to use Constant Contact to expand their offering to their small and mid-sized business customers by wrapping additional email marketing services around the Constant Contact platform. Additional services include: email marketing consulting, strategy, branding, creative design, content development, results analysis and more.
The updated reseller program includes greater revenue share opportunities, access to the new reseller extranet, and 48-hour rapid program deployment. In addition, initial fees are waived for new resellers who sign up by October 5, 2002. Constant Contact resellers receive their own branded landing pages, extranet access to a wide variety of information, ready-to use content, tools and resources, a free Constant Contact account for demonstration and use, and an increased share of all revenues generated.
“Response to the program has been outstanding,” said Eric Groves, SVP Sales & Business Development at Roving Software. “With recent program enhancements designed to make resellers even more successful, and the limited time “no start-up fee” offer, now is a great time to become a Constant Contact reseller.”
“Email marketing is an important part of any business’ sales and marketing plan,” said Thomas A. Hauert, Manager at Salesreach, LLC. “Using Constant Contact as a platform, we have added our unique expertise to provide a complete email program customized to meet our customers specific needs. Becoming a Constant Contact reseller has enabled us to expand our business and consulting services and tap into additional sources of revenue.”
My spin: You can tell a company is doing well when you see its products all over the place. I see (more before than now) in so many UPS trucks! (maybe that was before their deal with the US Postal Service). In the same way, many email newsletters I receive are now powered by Constant Contact….this new initiative will only increase the use of Constant Contact!