Tablet PC’s

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Mike Hogan reviews the upcoming generation of Table PC’s
If you’re at war in the unfriendly skies of Afghanistan, you definitely want one of these. The Air Force has made good use of Fujitsu’s predecessor to the coming cadre of Windows XP Tablet PCs. Fastened with Velcro to cockpit consoles, they help with navigation and targeting. Other pre-XP tablets from Fujitsu and ViewSonic have also fared well among health-care workers and field engineers-anyone who fills out forms away from a desk.
But will you use a tablet if you fight most of your battles in office corridors and airports? More precisely, will people who rely on e-mail and Word documents go for the Windows XP Tablet? (full story)
My spin: Tablet PCs are not for most of us but there are several professions and situations where tablet PCs would have star roles. Entrepreneur Magazine’s article will give you a good handle on this technology.