Trellix Builds Web Sites Behind the Scenes

Computer Reseller News: More than 4 million Web sites have been created using Trellix’s Web Express software, and more than 50 companies distribute the vendor’s products.
Never heard of Trellix? Well, that’s sort of the point.
The private-label Web-site creation tool maker has been steadily gaining ground as solution providers and even consumer sites put the WYSIWYG software platform into the hands of customers. The software requires no knowledge of HTML or other programming languages and includes an integrated FTP solution, which simplifies Web-site posting. Trellix last month said it was adding Web log or “blogging” capabilities to the platform. (full story)
My has covered Trellix in the past. Trellix is going to continue to be a successful company. By not focusing on direct sales to customers but selling to larger enterprises who will in turn sell Trellix solutions to their customers, Trellix will avoid many of the mistakes that past “dot-coms” have made by trying to go DIRECT. Going direct, is not impossible but as has taught us – it’s VERY expensive.