Video email…

The NY Times: Times are changing. Before long, you won’t read memos so much as watch them.
That’s the idea behind VidiTalk and Visual Communicator, new Windows programs from VidiSolutions ( and Serious Magic (, respectively.
One is intended primarily for corporations, the other primarily for consumers. Both envision a new era of nontyped communications in which you’ll fire off video clips of yourself at your desk, captured by a little camera taped to your monitor. (full story)
My spin: Video email sounds cute and nice, but I’m not sure if there’s much use to it. Video conferencing – I get, but video email…hmm. Do I need to really see full motion video of an associate telling me something? I guess if you have it – it IS interesting and nice to see the facial expression of someone – complete with TV like videography! (However, I really don’t see this technology taking off, any time soon…do you?)