Archive of October 2002

CRN: The Race is on…

My spin:The Race is on to reach out to resellers….but where’s Intuit? CRN Magazine’s 25 Oct cover story layed out how Microsoft, IBM, BEST Software and others are in a tight race to reach mid-market customers with their respective software offerings by working with resellers. Although Intuit is a HUGE player in the smb accounting […]

NY Times: From Inside, Palm Makes a New Start

My spin:Very carefully read this NY Times piece before you upgrade to a new PDA running the new Palm 5.0 software. While the software is indeed better than previous versions, it may not be perfectly compatible with software written for Palm 4.x and earlier versions – hence my hesitation to buy a Palm 5.0 based […]

CNet: Wal-Mart expands Linux offering

My spin:If the “Linux community” – the resellers, geeks, and all others rise of and begin to support Linux installations as we enjoy in the Windows community, the use of Linux can only increase in the end user community. However, the problem I see is similar to Apple. John Doe buys a Linux PC from […]


My spin:Oracle’s Netledger continues to expand with features and product offerings and now geographically with todays announcement regarding British Telecom backed Open Orchard. 6,000 customers is a good number of customers for many companies, but when compared to Netledger’s competition – Intuit, BEST, Microsoft (even SAP and others who are moving to reach mid size […]

News Factor: Why Can’t Hackers Be Stopped?

My spin:Hackers breaking into your computer system, sending a virus or any other type of intrusion can be devastating and if your lucky, just down right annoying. Hacking is on the rise, while at the same time the sale of computer security solutions is also on the rise, especially for larger companies. Is there a […]

CNet: Sprint backpedals on Handspring add-on

My spin:I don’t know if I’d call this the first nail in Handspring’c coffin, and I sure hope not, but if there’s less than 1,000 people using the Digital Link, can we assume that there’s not that many people wanting wireless access on their PDAs? Sure, wireless will take off – RIM (maker’s of the […]

CNet: Wireless networks shift into high gear

My spin:Wireless broadband…the ultimated tech delight and real business tool! Complete mobility and un-tethered access to data (and maybe some fun too!) A wireless Net service provider Tuesday unveiled a new broadband service that it claims offers speeds 20 times faster than typical dial-up services. Monet Mobile Networks, based in Kirkland, Wash., announced its Monet […]