askSam 5 Web Publisher Simplifies Publishing Searchable Databases on the Web

Perry, FL — askSam Systems is now shipping version 5 of the askSam Web Publisher. The new Web Publisher makes publishing large amounts of searchable information on the Internet fast and easy. Without any knowledge of HTML, the Web Publisher lets you create new documents or import existing documents and publish this information in a searchable database on the Web.
The Web Publisher offers an affordable and easy to use solution for government agencies, corporations, legal libraries, universities, and others who need to create searchable Web databases.
Version 5 of the Web Publisher is fully compatible with askSam 5 and comes with these new features:
* SORTED SEARCH RESULTS — Sort your search results (by relevance, date, or any other field in your information).
* SUPPORT FOR ATTACHMENTS — lets you attach original files to documents. The new Web Publisher displays these attachments in a browser and users can open or save these files by clicking on the links. This is a great way to create searchable on-line databases of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photographs, CAD drawings, etc.
* HYPERTEXT LINKS TO ATTACHMENTS — lets you create Hypertext links to your attachments. The new Web Publisher displays these links in a browser and users can open or save these files by clicking on the links.
* CUSTOMIZED SEARCH RESULTS — The Search Results page can now be customized to display the Search Results in multiple columns with advanced formatting.
* SUPPORT FOR DOCUMENTS WITH WIDE MARGINS — lets you specify the width of the Web page. Documents with extra-wide margins are now displayed in a browser with a horizontal scroll bar.
* HYPERTEXT LINKS THAT SEARCH YOUR DATABASE — lets you create hypertext links that search for the linked text. You can search for the linked text in the current database or in another database. Use this feature to look up information or find related documents.
The Web Publisher is currently available directly from askSam Systems and authorized resellers, and runs on all CGI compliant Windows Web servers. For more information or to try the free 30 day trial version go to: or call askSam Systems at 800-800-1997 or 850-584-6590.
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