AXIS 70U Network Document Server Simplifies and Secures Document Transmission

My spin: If you need some VERY, VERY, VERY secure document transmission, I guess this service would be good for you…
CHELMSFORD, Mass. – (October 28, 2002) – Axis Communications announced today
the company’s first network document server with a USB port for scanner connectivity. By using the widely accepted USB standard instead of SCSI ports, the AXIS 70U provides users with a wider variety of scanners that can be used in conjunction with the document server.
The AXIS 70U transforms paper documents into digital format and sends them as e-mail using the popular Adobe PDF format. For any company that regularly relies on fax, mail or courier, this significantly simplifies and secures the transmission of paper documents and reduces costs by using existing e-mail infrastructure. The AXIS 70U connects and networks a variety of popular office scanners, including those from Epson, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard.
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