BEST OF SHOW: Best of Internet World for Small Businesses

BEST OF INTERNET WORLD FALL 2002 – NY City is pleased to present to you the BEST OF INTERNET WORLD.’s Best of Internet World presents a list of Internet World exhibitors whose products and/or services are best suited to help small businesses grow their businesses.
Content Management
RedDot makes it easy for authorized users to manage and edit Web based content. Administrators have a feature rich back end set of tools with which to enable proper workflow and editorial control of the content.
RedDot is made up the following components – Content Management Server, Smart Edit, Content Integration Server, Content Import Engine which can provide even great control and flexibility for creating and managing your content.
There’s a lot more to RedDot than I can fit here but if you want to let end users manage and edit their own content, which can save you a lot of time and money, give RedDot a try.
Search Engine Optimization
Traffic helps web sites increase their rankings in search engines and more importantly helps maximize the click through rate and profitability of cost per click services such as Overture, Findwhat and others.
If your Web site is an e-commerce web site Traffic might be an ideal solution to increase the sales you’re getting.
Search engine traffic and cost per click traffic have their distinct strengths and weaknesses, but you won’t know how to leverage and optimize visitor and potential sales traffic without detailed data and information.
What is the average cost per visitor of your search engine campaign? What about of your cost per click campaign? Traffic, by can help.
Email Management
L-Soft International,
If you’re looking for an email management solution, there’s many solutions on the market that you can use for only a few dollars per month. However, at some time you may reach the point where you outgrow those solutions, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and need more advanced solutions and this is where a L-Soft’s email management solution comes into play.
L-Soft International has been around since 1994 and its core product since 1986. Over the years they’ve gained a reputation as the leader in e-mail management solutions and have a range of solutions to meet just about every need.
Fix broken links
I’ll be reviewing Linket’s LinkFixerPlus for, so you can get the full review of this little gem in a few days or so.
Having broken links on your web site is a pain for all web developers – and more importantly the end users visiting your web site, however, with LinkFixerPlus there’s now no excuse and LinkFixerPlus should be in the tool box of every Web developer.
Web site viewing tool
For years I’ve been looking for a tool that would let me easily gather together the dozen or so web sits I look at daily and see what their main stories are. Digital Portal’s OmniViewer does just that.
The professional version of OmniViewer lets you do even more.
Remote Server Access and Communication
Getting remote access to your data is a MUST for most of us but can be difficult to implement securely. Plethora Technology offers not only secure access to your server, but also a broad range of features and solutions including – integrated firewall and VPN, IP voice conferencing, instant messaging and more.
Online Marketing Solutions
Direct Response has six services to help online retailers increase their sales.
Direct Leads, pay per performance advertising network
Direct Clicks, cost per click advertising network
Direc Track, affiliate partner tracking, management and automation solution
My Coupons, offer coupons to your customers
Direct Certificates, let your customers buy gift certificates
Direct Newsletters, maybe you want to advertise in a newsletterĂ–well now you can
reach hundreds of newsletters and millions of readers.
E-Commerce Solution
Paystone is the “democritization of e-commerce” as Brian Roberts, VP Sales and Marketing for Pay Stone said.
Most e-commerce solutions have monthly and per sales fees which do not make it cost effective for smaller businesses that want to sell online to do so.
Paystone, enables “online entrepreneurs” as Paystone calls smaller businesses, to more profitably sell online. Paystone charges $.10 and 10% per sale for items costing from $.25 – $5. This makes it more economical for content sites to make money by selling their content and accepting miro-payments.
Concept Based Search Engine
WizSoft’s WizDoc for Office (for Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, Web pages and text files) and Microsoft Outlook data and WizDoc for web sites enables users to search for content based on concepts.
WizSoft enables two methods of searching. The concept-based search method interprets the meaning of the text entered, and the string search provides the common search method used by search engines.
If your company has a lot of data that users need to put their hands on WizSoft may enable your end users to find more relevant searches.
Maybe your Web users are frustrated that they’re not finding what they are looking for in their Web searches, WizSoft may have a solution for you.
Globalscape has a series of economically priced tools (some even shareware) to make your online experience much more productive including: an FTP client, zip file management, web site builder, text based HTML page editor, and a tool to create web links on an image.
I’ve used CuteFTP for years and I’m sure you’ll find something in Globalscape’s arsenal of products for you.