Keep data on computers in sync with Easy2Sync

October 26, 2002, Muelheim, Germany – IT-Services Thomas Holz has released Easy2Sync 1.03 , an extremely popular Windows utility that makes it easy to synchronize the contents of two directory trees. Whenever you have the same data on two computers or stored in two places on the same computer, Easy2Sync is the easy and safe way to automatically transfer any changes. Easy2Sync is fast, easy to use and was designed for security even in the most complicated situations.
“At first I just wanted to buy a synchronization program for my notebook” says Thomas Holz, author of the software. “But I didn’t find any program that was good enough. So I wrote it.” Easy2Sync does not just copy a few files. It is designed for complex tasks like software projects, business data or software administration where you can have thousands of files stored in hundreds of folders. “I wanted a software which does everything auto-matically while protecting my files.”
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