Microsoft enters cell phone market

LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. software maker Microsoft Corp. made its debut Tuesday into the mobile phone market, courtesy of French operator Orange, which unveiled a smart phone that could spur a turf war within the cell phone industry.
In a move to defy top suppliers such as Nokia (NOK: Research, Estimates), Motorola (MOT: Research, Estimates), and Sony Ericsson, Orange said the first mobile phones to be armed with Microsoft software were an investment that would be recouped in less than five months.
“We want to give the likes of Nokia and Ericsson a wake-up call,” Richard Brennan, executive vice president, OrangeWorld and Brands, said. “At the moment, we feel Nokia and Sony Ericsson are not innovating fast enough. We need to make a clear statement that we are not going to wait around.” (full story)
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