My spin:Quite useful and cool is what I’d call this product. If you’ve got Internet access on your PDA, it would be a no-brainer to invest $50 in Mobilefile, which will give you access to files you need on your PC. Of course there’s enterprise solutions available to enable mobile access to corporate data, but if you want to save money or need a simply and easy solution, it appears that Mobilefile may be the answer. Of course if you have files that are not a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file….this solution would not work for you. (But I guess that’s where a notebook computer comes into play!)
New Mobilefile Application Creates Virtually Unlimited Memory For Palm Powered Handhelds, Allowing Mobile Professionals to Access, Transfer and Edit Files Stored on Desktop PCs
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., (October 30, 2002) – – Mobility Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq/NMS: MOBE), a leading provider of innovative portable computing solutions for the mobile computer user, announced that its Cutting Edge Software subsidiary has released Mobilefile, a new application that enables anywhere, anytime access to files, loading and removal of applications, and retrieval of editable documents stored on PCs. Whether users are equipped with a Palm OS(r) device with a snap-on modem or a wireless modem “sled,” or are using one of the latest Handspring, Kyocera or Samsung smartphones, Mobilefile changes the way mobile professionals work with files on their Palm Powered(tm) handhelds
Mobilefile creates virtually unlimited memory capacity for users by enabling access to any pre-designated folder on a desktop PC and allowing navigation of subfolders and folder and file shortcuts. Mobilefile lists the files or applications stored in any accessible folder, allowing users to transfer files of interest directly to their handheld. Additionally, Mobilefile seamlessly converts Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into the proper format for review and further editing in Cutting Edge Software’s Quickoffice Pro Office-style suite. Mobilefile makes it possible to browse, transfer, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files remotely without a HotSync.
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