News Factor: The OpenOffice Experiment

My spin:In the enterprise switching to “open source” business applications is really not feasibly. Smaller businesses may wan to give it a try though. HOWEVER, when they start having problems sharing documents with Microsoft Word shops…they’ll probably buy a copy of Word in any case. I love Corel’s Word Perfect but so many others user Word and the two Word Processors are not perfectly compatible I’m forced to use Word more and more.
OpenOffice, an alternative to Microsoft Office, sounds like a software dream on the surface: free office productivity tools that can operate on a multitude of platforms, compatibility with a range of file formats, and the ability to alter the program as developers release new code. No license hassles, no forced upgrades. Although OpenOffice’s appeal may grow as Microsoft’s licensing rules change and its customers threaten to abandon ship, the transition remains costly and time-consuming.
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