NY Times: From Inside, Palm Makes a New Start

My spin:Very carefully read this NY Times piece before you upgrade to a new PDA running the new Palm 5.0 software. While the software is indeed better than previous versions, it may not be perfectly compatible with software written for Palm 4.x and earlier versions – hence my hesitation to buy a Palm 5.0 based OS right now, unless you check if the apps you use and need are compatible with it.
THERE may come a time in every corporation’s life when it must stand tall, swallow hard and abandon the very technology that made it successful. Hewlett-Packard sold off its scientific-instruments division. Apple jettisoned an aging Mac operating system and conceived a new one. DOS is no longer the heart of Microsoft Windows. In Silicon Valley, you could get rich selling “If you love something, let it go” T-shirts.
The most recent company to start fresh is Palm. Palm’s organizers dominate the consumer market – but where there’s money to be made, there’s Microsoft, whose Pocket PC palmtops have recently gained some popularity in corporations. These more expensive hand-helds lure executives with voice recorders, high-resolution screens, fast processors and other goodies.(full story)