NY Times: Want Bills by Snail Mail? It Might Cost You Money

My spin:I’ve paid bills online via Chase a few years ago. Recently Earthlink had been emailing invoices, which I paid via check. Now they do not email them but send them in the mail.
In any case if YOU want to send your customers invoices via mail you can do so using Quicbkooks, Peachtree or some other accounting package and/or consider using a service like Fidesic, which Iwrote on smallbiztechnology.com

You may dread monthly bills in the mailbox, but consider them a perk. Some companies are charging for them.
For years, businesses have cajoled customers to view their bills online, mostly by offering cash, gift certificates, sweepstakes prizes and other incentives in return. A tough economy, though, has led to an even more aggressive stance. (full story)
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