Small and mid-size companies searching for alternatives to Microsoft

Linux, StarOffice and Calmeno for the Microsoft-free office
Berlin, October 4, 2002. — Weblicon and Sun have developed a striking capability for small and mid-size businesses to liberate from dependence on Microsoft Office and Exchange. Weblicon Technologies AG together with Sun Microsystems present a new office solution based on StarOffice software and the Calmeno organizer. The new solution runs on the proven Linux operating system and uses open standards. It is lower in price, easier to handle and safer than Microsoft Office, Exchange and Outlook. Mobile office
functions of Calmeno, for the first time, have become available to smaller companies, providing them with mobile access to eMail
functions, time schedules, tasks and the company address directory.
The components of the combined StarOffice (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation) and Calmeno (eMail, SMS, schedule management, address directory, tasks) are absolutely complementary to each other. The two products are optimally adapted to each other and, owing to the use of open standards, ensure no-problem mutual coordination. The user, for example, can enter contacts to the Calmeno address book and, through a joint LDAP interface, can use them directly in StarOffice’s word processor.
“More and more companies are fed up with the growing complexity of Microsoft products. The situation is being aggravated by Microsoft’s new licensing policy, prompting many businesses to watch out for alternatives. A genuine alternative to the core products of Microsoft is now offered by an alliance between Weblicon and Sun in conjunction with the successful Linux operating system”, according to a statement made by Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Weblicon Technologies AG.
While StarOffice is to replace the Microsoft products Word, Excel and PowerPoint, a full-scale alternative to Microsoft’s Exchange
and Outlook is provided by Calmeno. Convenient transition from Microsoft products is guaranteed by Weblicon and Sun: Microsoft
Word and Excel documents can be easily opened in StarOffice, while Calmeno provides for synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. Hence, the Outlook appointment schedule and address directory are made available in the Calmeno server by a few clicks.
Users of the Calmeno organizer can access their eMails, schedules, addresses and tasks from any PC or Apple Macintosh in any part of the world. The synchronization of Calmeno enables data conciliation with Palm PDAs PocketPCs and even wireless synchronization with SyncML-capable cellphones, such as the Ericsson T68i or the Nokia 7650. Field service staff needs nothing more than a simple WAP cellphone for round-the-clock mobile access to their eMails, deadlines or the company address directory.
The Calmeno server runs on Linux or Solaris servers in the company network and, different from Microsoft server systems, provides for
adequate protection against viruses and attacks from the Internet. Access via the Internet is obtainable by a secure SSL connection,
with the data being encrypted for transfer.