Using Technology to Add New Dimensions to the Nightly Call Home

NY Times: Mara G. Aspinall, a biotechnology executive, and her two sons went over their final report cards last spring ó by fax and phone. She was away on a business trip, and the boys faxed the grades to her hotel and then called her to discuss them.
“It was an important milestone, sharing your end-of-the-year report card,” said Ms. Aspinall, who travels several days a month as president of two operating divisions of the Genzyme Corporation in Cambridge, Mass. “You wouldn’t want to miss that, or hear about it later.” (full story)
My spin:In no WAY do I support a life style of putting one’s job ahead of one’s children UNLESS it must be that way, and simply wanting 4 cars and 3 houses is not an excuse, however this article does show how technology can bridge communication gaps. I’m grateful that I can hold my kids most every night, read them stories and hug my wife when I come wife. All can’t do this but dear professionals – let’s sure give it our 110% best to try. World Com is down, Kmart is down, so many companies have come and gone, but when our children are all grown up and our spouses have aged with us…their lives are all that matters.
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