More than 200 new feature and architectural enhancements drive efficiencies and sales performance for end users and administrators
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – October 28, 2002 ñBest Software today announced the availability of version 6.0 of SalesLogixÆ, the leading small business and mid-market CRM product. SalesLogix 6.0 is built on a new architecture that enables easier integration with back office systems and other applications small and mid-sized organizations use every day to gain insight into their customers. With more than 200 product enhancements, significant additions have been made to the SalesLogix Sales Client, SalesLogix Web Client, and SalesLogix Support WebTicket to ensure SalesLogix customers continue to achieve increased efficiency, sales performance and rapid return on investment.
“This product is an architectural breakthrough for us that will make implementing and configuring a CRM solution faster and easier than ever,” said SalesLogix General Manager, Tim Fargo. “SalesLogix 6.0 gives our customers the foundation they need to keep pace with emerging business opportunities and technologies, such as integrating their CRM application with back-office applications, using.NET applications and leveraging Web services. The new architecture and significant feature enhancements better enable SalesLogix to grow and evolve along with the changing business needs of our customers.”
The SalesLogix architecture was enhanced to increase developer productivity, enable quicker customization and lower implementation time and costs. SalesLogix 6.0 is based on a 3-tier architectural environment with a standardized toolset for open development and rapid deployment. The architecture facilitates data integration with applications built in Visual Basic, Visual Studio.NET, or any other development environment that supports industry-standard Microsoft ADO data access. The new architecture also allows for backward compatibility with existing customizations and add-on products, simplifying the upgrade process for customers and partners.
“The bar has been raised! SalesLogix 6.0 makes implementing CRM solutions for our customers easier than ever,” said Ryan Farley, lead application developer for Customer FX Corporation, a Certified SalesLogix Business Partner. “The new SalesLogix Provider gives unlimited flexibility to integrate existing web services, web applications, or desktop applications into a complete solution to fit a customer’s needs. With SalesLogix 6.0, I can build applications and services with.NET or other development environments and have it appear as a built-in part of SalesLogix. Developing CRM solutions has never been easier.”
SalesLogix Administrators running SalesLogix 6.0 can reduce the time spent on manual tasks by using the streamlined new-user entry process with user profile templates and the simple, flexible user and team security controls. Other enhanced processes include: account permission configuration for teams, advanced territory realignment with scenario analysis, improved integrity checking to eliminate “orphan” accounts and easy identification of users and teams that have access to an account.
In addition to the new architecture, users will benefit from the following enhancements:
ï Sales Client User Interface – Users can manage multiple addresses within account and contact records, create account hierarchy and navigate among parent and subsidiary accounts, and launch customer and prospect location maps, websites and e-mail with one-click Web access. In addition, SalesLogix 6.0 ships with Crystal ReportsÆ version 8.5.
ï Tighter Integration with MicrosoftÆ Office – SalesLogix 6.0 offers one-click export to Excel for analysis and reporting. In addition, SalesLogix offers Word integration for mail merge and advanced OutlookÆ integration.
ï Significant Mail Merge Improvements – This feature is easier to use with template management, merge at contact, account, opportunity or group level and the ability to automatically excluded individuals based on their solicitation preferences. Users can also attach a record or copy of the e-mail and attachments to a recipient’s history records and automatically schedule activities as part of sales or marketing workflow.
ï New AutoSync Feature – For mobile employees, SalesLogix 6.0 now automatically synchronizes in the background when a web connection is available. Employees can work without disruption, no longer having to remember to manually synchronize their data when returning to the office.
ï Enhanced Web Client Functionality – SalesLogix customers will enjoy Outlook and Excel integration, Crystal EnterpriseÆ web reporting, mail merge with customizable e-mail templates and the groups and query builder. The user interface has been updated with an improved design and additional functionality to mirror the robust functionality of the SalesLogix Windows client.
ï Improved Support WebTicket – Designed to significantly improve ticket workflow and application usability, the Support WebTicket has a look and navigation that is very similar to the SalesLogix Support Client. Enhancements include: integrated knowledge base with keyword highlighting and automatic creation of FAQs, customer self-service portal with two-way communication, addition of activities and attachments to tickets by both employees and customers, and employee visibility to defects, RMAs and ticket changes.
Code 3 Collectibles, a retailer of high-quality scale-model replicas, participated in the SalesLogix 6.0 Beta and has already upgraded. “The way the new version of SalesLogix is architected, it’s obviously designed to provide greater customization and integration capabilities,” said John Meyer, CIO of Code 3 Collectibles. “It offers a more standardized operating environment, and will allow us to continue tailoring our solution to meet the unique needs of our business in less time and at lower cost.” Code 3’s SalesLogix system is already integrated with Platinum for Windows by Best Software for accounting and financials, and with Code 3’s order fulfillment and shipping software.
“The single biggest feature our end-users like so far is the new mail merge capabilities,” Meyer added. “We do a lot of e-mail marketing, so I’ll be using the HTML capability often. In addition, SalesLogix 6.0 is even easier to use because of the refined user interface and more accessible location of the menu options and toolbars.”
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