Calendar, address, task management on a Mobile Phone

My spin:PDA’s have much of the glory when it comes to organizing one’s data. However this solution, which is not new, may be viable. The main problem I see is this…do you really want to access your information on the screen of a small phone? It would appear to be quite cumbersome but you decide….
Introducing a complete ONLINE PERSONAL and BUSINESS ORGANIZER with WAP/GPRS mobile phone access exposes traditional PIMs as Industrial Age.
(Sydney, Australia–November, 2002) Now that the festive season is almost here many may be considering purchasing the latest personal organizer as a gift or as part of New Year resolution. They should first check out a new online service at otherwise they may end up with outdated technology.
The current range of personal organizers even the latest electronic PIMs are a product of the nine-to-five world of the Industrial Age. The proof is the need to continuously synchronize data between the device, the computer at home and the computer at work. Syncing is a stopgap Industrial Age solution that can never work because in the 24/7 information age data becomes out of sync the moment the syncing session finishes.
“The need to sync means that data is not available in real time which precludes Information Age services like online appointment scheduling, group task management and collaboration in general”, said George Matafonov, the MD of Fernleigh Computer services. “Precluding these types of services mires people in the Industrial Age”, he added.
Developed by Fernleigh Computer Services, SMARTorganiser includes Information Age services like online appointment scheduling, global task management, shareable address books and group reminders. All the data is stored centrally which means that it is always available and always in-sync. On the road, SMARTorganiser is accessible using any WAP enabled mobile phone. The
introduction of WAP over GPRS with its ëalways on’ feature and speed of download has overcome many of the earlier limitations of WAP. The combination of SMARTorganiser plus a mobile phone is now a viable alternative to the traditional electronic PIM, which is becoming an unnecessary Industrial Age accessory. This will become even more apparent when the 3G mobile systems are rolled out in 2003.
“Another important benefit of externally storing data is security and convenience. If your computer crashes, becomes virus compromised or you lose or update your wireless device your data is not lost. And, of course, there is nothing to sync” said atafonov.
In addition to the usual organizer features such as calendar, address book, web mail with virus and SPAM filters, reminders, notes and To do lists, SMARTorganiser offers two built-in applications which are integral to thriving in the Information Age. A complete goals program where users can set and monitor their personal goals online and an exercise program where they can choose from over 130 exercise types to design an exercise program. Being online the exercise log is accessible via WAP for direct entry when at the gym or on the track.
Importantly, users can enlist the help of life coaches, mentors and personal trainers by giving them permission to log in directly into their programs to monitor progress and offer advice from anywhere in the world at anytime.
The business version of SMARTorganiser includes the ability to setup appointment types which act as an electronic secretary efficiently directing where and when online appointments can be made on.
Individual Private Account – US$39 per year.
Family Private Account (up to 5 members) – US$97 per year.
Business Account – US$14.90 per user, per month.
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled networks offer ‘always-on’, higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. This enables services such as color Internet browsing, organizers on the move, powerful visual communications, multimedia messages and location-based services. Often touted as 2.5G, GPRS is one step closer towards 3G (third
generation) mobile systems.
Fernleigh Computers Services was formed and has been in business since 1995. We are located in Sydney, Australia and New York. Our experience is grounded in custom software development for SMEs. In 2000 we made a strategic decision to move into developing and operating online services in anticipation of the spread of broadband and mobile technology such as WAP over GPRS and 3G.